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of employees say that they would benefit from professional financial advice

Employers A financial wellness benefit that delivers.

SAVVI delivers an actionable plan that gives employees confidence in their financial future, creating more engaged and productive workers, focused on solving today’s challenges.

83% of employees say that they would benefit from professional financial advice*—so now is the time to offer this simple, yet powerful financial wellness program at your company.

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SAVVI offers holistic and individualized financial planning that empowers employees to achieve their goals.

An essential, yet missing, benefit.

According to research, most companies do not have financial wellness as part of their benefits program. This missing element is critical, in part because employees can be overwhelmed by the many available financial and ancillary benefits, often leading to benefit underutilization.

In addition, consider these statistics:

  • Nearly half of employees don’t have the assets to weather a financial emergency*
  • Almost a third borrow from their 401k plans*
  • Almost half do not have a budget*
  • Over half say that “financial illness” plays a role in employee absenteeism.*

Yet research shows that with a financial plan, employees are:

  • 3x more likely to be satisfied with personal finances*
  • 2x more likely to be living comfortably*

A SAVVI solution for employees

SAVVI provides sound financial advice in an actionable form—suggesting not only what the user should do, but how. It’s personalized, not only to your employees, but to their circumstances. When life, markets, or goals change, SAVVI changes too. SAVVI encourages your employees to establish long-term goals and keeps them on track. It helps manage everyday finances and builds the confidence to make smarter financial decisions.

Financial Wellness is quickly becoming a powerful and competitive benefit category for employers.

A Good Fit

• If you believe smart financial advice is a key to employee productivity, cost reduction, and retention.

• If your company wants to help its employees build the confidence to make better financial decisions

• If you believe that employee behavior change requires a plan and consistent support over time.

Benefit Adoption

It’s easy for employees to sign up and get started.
Within minutes, they can get professional, step-by-step guidance on how to spend, save, invest, and protect the finances

Employees are asking for financial help
44% of employers say that a financial wellness program is a ‘must-have’ benefit to remain competitive*

Awareness and Education Support
SAVVI will help support employee adoption through customized awareness campaigns and financial wellness education

Dashboard Analytics For Employers

Companies always have questions about their workforces: Are they getting the most out of their benefits? What incentives would make the most impact? What financial challenges do our employees have?

With SAVVI’s Analytics Dashboard, employers will have true insight into their workforce. This completely anonymized data source can powerfully inform companies about benefit utilization, help direct retirement optimization, and ultimately help serve employees by better knowing what they need.

Benefits sought for Employees:
  • • Decreased stress
  • • Improved physical/mental health
  • • Increased money-management skills
  • • Increased savings
  • • Greater job stability and satisfaction
  • • Improved credit scores
  • • Decreased debt

Benefits sought for Employers:
  • • Reduced operating expenses
  • • Reduced absenteeism
  • • Reduced 401(k) loans requests
  • • Reduced turnover

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