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Potential Employer and Employee Savings Summary

Employer ROI

The employer's Return on Investment with SelectSmart.

Total Employer Savings

How much the employer will save with SelectSmart.

Total Employee Savings

How much the employees will save in total with SelectSmart.

Average Employee Savings per Employee

How much each employee will save on average with SelectSmart.

Percent Utilization to Break Even

What percent of employees need to use SelectSmart for the employer to break even.

SelectSmart™ ROI Analyzer

SAVVI's SelectSmart suite of decision support assistants has the potential to save employees and employers thousands of dollars annually. It takes just a few minutes to evaluate your potential return on investment and cost savings.

Number of Employees

How many employees are eligible for health insurance benefits?

Average Salary

What is the average salary for these employees?

Average Age

What is the average age of these employees?

Current HDHP Utilization

What percentage of these employees currently elect an HSA-eligible High Deductible Health Plan?

Expected SelectSmart Utilization

What percent of employees do you think would use SelectSmart? SelectSmart utilization is primarily impacted by employer communication during open enrollment.

SelectSmart Cost

The cost of SelectSmart per employee per year (PEPY)

PEPY must be between 0.1 and 10.