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Dr. Dimitris Bertsimas Honored as Recipient of the INFORMS President's Award and the Prestigious John von Neumann Theory Prize

For Immediate Release

Waltham, MA — November 21, 2019

SAVVI Financial LLC co-founder, Dr. Dimitris Bertsimas, is awarded the INFORMS President’s Award and the Prestigious John von Neumann Theory Prize.

Dr. Bertsimas is the co-founder of SAVVI as well as the Boeing Leaders for Global Operations Professor of Management, the Professor of Operations Research, and the Associate Dean for the Master of Business Analytics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He is being recognized for two major awards from INFORMS, the world’s largest professional association dedicated to advancements in operations research, and analytics to improve operational processes, decision-making, and outcomes.

The first award is the John von Neumann Theory Prize, which is in recognition of a scholar who has made fundamental, sustained contributions to theory in operations research and the management sciences. The second award is the INFORM’s President’s Award, the purpose of which is to recognize those who have made important contributions to the welfare of society.

“The mission of my life and career is to improve the human condition, to positively impact the lives of people, especially young people, and to increase the understanding of how the world works,” said Dr. Dimitris Bertsimas. “I have used scientific research, education and building companies to achieve these objectives.”

Dr. Bertsimas is the one responsible for bringing together the founding team members of SAVVI including Dr. Gina Mourtzinou, Dr. Steve Kokkotos, Dr. Alex Sauer-Budge, and Dr. Adrian Becker. Dr. Bertsimas is not only a co-founder of SAVVI, but he is also a close advisor on the development and continual updates to the SAVVI optimization engine. “Calculating a single financial category is easy. It is exponentially more difficult to consider ALL the interconnected messiness of our total financial lives. Solving this is by far the most difficult problem, in terms of mathematical complexity, I’ve faced in my 30 years of working in this industry,” Dr. Bertsimas comments on his work with SAVVI.

“Dimitris is a world-renowned authority in the field of Robust Optimization and we are proud to see him recognized by INFORMS for a lifetime of work to solve real-world problems in the areas of finance and healthcare,” said Dr. Gina Mourtzinou, co-founder of SAVVI. “He is very passionate about providing access to affordable and effective financial advice to the larger population, the SAVVI team is thankful for Dimitris’ very important contributions, and I am personally grateful to have him as an advisor and friend.”

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