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Benefit Broker Solutions Innovative Benefit Solutions

Innovative solutions that redefine how employees make financial decisions.

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The Problem:

Making the right financial and benefit decisions is stressful for employees, especially this year. Employers struggle with how to provide increased support to employees at a time when they are maintaining or reducing budgets. What employers don’t realize is that if employees make better benefit decisions, employers can save too.

The Majority Of Americans Lack Adequate Financial Protection

No Disability Insurance1


No Life Insurance1


No Health Savings Account (HSA)2


No Retirement Savings1

1Guardian 2020 report -

2U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics -

SAVVI Solution:

SAVVI offers a full suite of employee financial decision support services that can be quickly implemented to provide an improved experience for employees. Benefit Brokers can help their clients save thousands of dollars annually by helping company employees make smarter financial decisions.

Benefit Solution

Our Benefit Solution makes personalized recommendations to employees regarding their benefit choices, including health, dental, supplemental insurance, and HSA/FSA plans, which drives increased utilization of current benefit offerings.

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HSA Solution

Our HSA Solution provides personalized HSA and retirement funding and spending decision recommendations for each individual employee. This turnkey solution can be easily integrated into the current benefit enrollment process.

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Financial Wellness Solution

Our Financial Wellness Solution guides employees through goal setting and step-by-step actions to manage their finances and reach their goals faster. This solution can be offered as a stand-alone benefit or integrated into the targeted benefit decision support experience.

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SAVVI Wealth Partners

SAVVI Wealth Partners offers employees access to a dedicated financial advisor who will coach employees on building a financial life plan. This service can be offered as a targeted benefit for senior executives to drive loyalty and retention.

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SAVVI Delivers Savings For Companies.

Calculate Your Company ROI Now!

SAVVI not only provides greater support for employees, it delivers financial benefits for employers. In just one example, we calculated an annual savings of $100,000+1 for a company that offers the HSA and Benefit solutions to its employees. These savings were generated from FICA taxes and combined premium and HSA contributions.

Interested to learn what your savings could be? Visit the SAVVI online ROI Analyzer for potential savings personalized for your company. It takes less than a minute to complete. Visit the ROI Analyzer Now!

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Visit the ROI Analyzer

1The amounts shown are based on specific assumptions on plan premiums and benefits. Please contact SAVVI for specific savings for your company.

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