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We’re on a mission to democratize financial advice.

While working with the financial industry, our founding team of specialists in applied mathematics and robust optimization discovered a deep and unmet consumer need: access to affordable and effective financial advice. Their passion and expertise converged, setting them on a mission to democratize financial planning. Out of that pursuit, SAVVI was born.

We believe financial guidance should enable the life you want by being:


We will deliver guidance specific to each client’s unique needs by balancing their current financial situation with their future achievement.


We will use the power of computational analytics to holistically tackle all accounts, taxes, investments, and product selection to help achieve the client’s goals.


We will provide clear and helpful recommendations that empowers our clients by telling them not only what to do, but how to do it.


We will deliver advice that proactively adapts to meet the changing conditions, needs, and goals of every client over their lifetime.

Experienced Team

We are MIT-trained, Ph.D. mathematicians, engineers and data scientists, specializing in quantitative finance, applied analytics, and robust optimization. For over 20 years our core team has applied our expertise to solve real-world problems in the areas of finance, healthcare, and transportation systems.

At SAVVI, we focus all of our academic expertise, our portfolio management experience, and the major advancements in algorithmic models and computational processing to solve the incredible and complex challenge of personal financial decision-making.

Dimitris Bertsimas Ph.D.

Chairman of the Board

Gina Mourtzinou Ph.D.

Chief Executive Officer

Steve Kokkotos Ph.D.

Chief Compliance Officer

Alex Sauer-Budge Ph.D.

Chief Technology Officer

Adrian Becker Ph.D.

Research and Development

Chris Moran

Head of Client Solutions

Brian Harrison, MBA, CFP

Head of Consumer Product

Co-Founder Spotlight:

Dimitris Bertsimas, Ph.D.

Co-Founder, Chairman of the Board

Dr. Dimitris Bertsimas is a world renowned authority in the field of Robust Optimization and has been applying that expertise to financial decision-making for more than 25 years. Previously, he served as Head of Quantitative Investments at RiverSource Investments where he was responsible for managing $12 billion in assets. On faculty at MIT since 1988, Dr. Bertsimas is the Co-director of the university’s Operations Research Center. He has received numerous research awards, has written over 170 research papers and 4 graduate textbooks that are used around the world.

Gina Mourtzinou, Ph.D.

Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Gina Mourtzinou, Ph.D, has distinguished herself as a leader in Analytics and Operations Research. She is the recipient of the Presidential Award from the National Technical University of Athens and second prize for the national INFORMS George Nicholson paper competition for her MIT PhD graduate thesis. As the Co-Founder and CEO, Gina focuses the organization on leveraging analytics and modeling to develop high-quality, affordable financial advice solutions.

Dr. Mourtzinou was featured in Fintech Magazine's top 100 women in Fintech:

Read the article here

Our Team History


Dimitris Bertsimas, Ph.D. & Gina Mourtzinou, Ph.D. founded Dynamic Ideas, providing portfolio optimization software for investment managers.


Acquired by American Express to become their boutique quantitative investment team.


During this time, the team grew global allocation strategies to $12B in assets under management while supporting thousands of advisors and their clients.


The core team regrouped to independently tackle the unmet need of providing affordable and effective financial advice for Americans.


Launched Alpha Dynamics to manage outcome-driven investment portfolios that combine active diversification with shortfall risk control.


Founded SAVVI Financial and initiated development of the technology powering our platform.


Created Analytic Wealth Advisors to combine our deep quantitative approach to financial planning with high-touch concierge service.


Launched SAVVI Financial to democratize access to high-quality financial advice!

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