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Personalized actionable advice is great… but so is understanding that advice. SAVVI’s learning platform offers a variety of videos, articles and interactive quizzes on important financial topics, accessible anytime on any device.

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Building a Solid Foundation

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Protecting What Matters

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Buying your first home

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Making Taxes Less Taxing

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Keeping those Golden Years Shining Bright

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Paying for College Without Going Broke

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Topics That Matter to You

Looking to buy a home? Build up savings? Understand your insurance options? SAVVI Learning covers a broad array of subjects for every stage of life.

Building a Solid Financial Foundation

Let’s take a look at the key components of your managing your current financial position and building a solid financial future.

We all lose track of our things occasionally: car keys, sock pairs and even where our money is going! If you’re early in your career, it may be simple to take stock of your financial situation. Perhaps you only have one bank account, credit card, and retirement savings... account—linking them to SAVVI will be easy and fast—but most of us accumulate accounts as we accumulate savings. Your spending may be spread out among multiple bank accounts or credit cards. Your cash reserves or “emergency fund” maybe stashed among multiple financial institutions. It can be easy to forget about that department store credit card you used a month ago, or the CD that’s been renewing at your old hometown bank, so step one is to take stock of these accounts. Your credit report is a great place to start, as this will show all open accounts and balances for your credit. Don’t use credit cards? Your bank account should be the first account to link to SAVVI through your online login

Learning Made Easy

Whether you prefer listening and watching, or reading and jotting notes, SAVVI offers education how you like it, at your pace.

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Question 1/6

What's the first step to a clear understanding of your current financial position?

◯  Take an accounting class

◉  Get organized

◯  Hire a personal assistant

◯  Phone a friend


Know that you know

Did I get the key points? Our interactive quizzes offer a no-pressure way to check your understanding. Didn’t quite get all the key points? No worries, you can re-watch or re-read at any time.

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