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SelectSmart™ Suite

Decision support assistants to help employees better select, utilize and interact with the benefits available to them.

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of workers are so overwhelmed by the open enrollment process they automatically re-enroll in their benefits from the prior year with no research1

1Guardian 2020 report -

As benefit costs rise, finding solutions that contain costs while providing employees with an improved benefit experience is more important than ever. SAVVI’s Benefit and HSA SelectSmart digital assistants help educate employees on the benefits available and offer personalized recommendations based on employee input.

Instead of simply re-enrolling in last year's benefit choices, the SelectSmart digital engagement experience helps users consider different bundles of benefits that can bring more value to the employee and employer.

The SelectSmart Difference:

Ease of Implementation

Easy vendor integration due to data input from employees, instead of historic claims data collection.

Depth of Recommendations

Personalized recommendations and funding levels for health, dental, vision, supplemental insurance, HSA/FSA/HRA, and retirement plans.

Analytics Engine

Recommendation engine moves beyond benefit cost optimization taking into account health care use, preferences, financial and lifestyle information to offer optimized health and supplemental benefit choices.

Education Resources

Videos, tips and other resources are integrated into the enrollment experience to build confidence when choosing new benefit combinations.

Plan Comparison

An optimized bundle of benefits is recommended based on employee input, with alternate bundles such as lower-premium or lower-deductible also viewable for easy comparison and choice.

Benefit SelectSmart

Employees are overwhelmed by complex benefit choices and many lack adequate financial protection. These poor choices and underutilization of benefits often leads to dissatisfaction and higher costs for employees and employers.

The Benefit SelectSmart suite evaluates an individual employee’s health, risk profile, financial situation, and tax consequences to recommend personalized benefit choices including health, dental, vision, supplemental insurance, and HSA/FSA/HRA plans.

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HSA SelectSmart

Employees find HSA offerings complex and do not understand how to effectively fund these accounts for annual health expenses. In addition, many are confused by the longer term retirement savings these accounts provide.

The HSA SelectSmart evaluates HSA, retirement, general savings, and tax consequences to provide the optimal HSA and retirement funding decisions for each employee.

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Calculate Company Savings In Minutes!

The SelectSmart Suite has the potential to save employees and employers thousands of dollars annually. In just one example, a company can save $100,000+1 annually for offering the HSA and Benefit solutions to its employees. These savings were generated from FICA taxes and combined premium and HSA contributions.

Interested to see what your savings could be? It takes just a few minutes to calculate your potential return on investment and cost savings on the SelectSmart suite of solutions.

Calculate Your Savings

Calculate Your Savings

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