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Strategic Partner Solutions Redefining Financial Wellness

Some of the largest, most-respected financial services brands trust SAVVI to power their experiences. From white-labeled solutions to targeted financial integrations, SAVVI brings unmatched financial planning and decision analytics to existing platforms and client bases.

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The Problem:

With multiple financial goals, complex retirement options, health care considerations and day-to-day needs, clients struggle with the right decisions for near-term and future savings goals. Making the right retirement funding decision can be challenging. Understanding how one decision impacts others across their financial life can be paralyzing.

The Majority Of Americans Lack Adequate Financial Protection

of Americans say that money is a significant source of stress in their life.1

1APA’s 2020 Stress in America TM survey:

SAVVI Solution:

SAVVI offers a full suite of financial decision support services that can be applied to a broad mix of financial verticals, including employee benefits, retirement, investments, health savings accounts, insurance, and retirement income products. SAVVI’s advice platform provides a framework to gain insights, uncover hidden opportunities, and avoid compliance issues, while delivering holistic action plans to customers.

Employee Benefit Solutions

The SAVVI advice experience enables channel partners to differentiate themselves in a crowded market, offering goal-driven recommendations for bundled employee benefit products. The consumer experience can be targeted to specific financial or benefit decisions or expanded to include guided decisions along a full customer journey of financial choices.

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Retirement Solutions

SAVVI offers partners scalable digital solutions for in-plan advice. Participants receive a tailored retirement plan with a personalized managed account strategy. This service offering enables new revenue streams from increased AUM and advisory fees.

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Employee Benefit Solutions

Advisors can augment their efforts with comprehensive, personalized advice for clients. SAVVI delivers advice in a fraction of the time required by traditional financial planning software.

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Insurance Solutions

The SAVVI advice experience aligns specific insurance coverage levels to clients’ needs and priorities. SAVVI provides a trusted advisor with advice that is holistic, personalized and agnostic and allows advisors to show clients the “why” behind their protection plan.

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Enterprise Solutions

SAVVI enables partners to move from a product-centric to a holistic, customer-centric position, by creating a digital backbone that ties these disparate pieces together into a unified customer-focused experience. SAVVI can help promote user engagement through content, gamification, rewards and advice.

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Financial Wellness Exchange Solutions

SAVVI can power Financial Wellness or a Workplace Benefits Exchange, providing connectivity across all platforms and generating revenue from an open architecture product marketplace for curated products.

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